Phoenix getting better with time

Just listened to some albums by a great band out of France called Phoenix. They've recently become popular and have just put out an album called Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. Listening to one of their earlier albums, Alphabetical left me a bit underwhelmed, I'd have to say. They struck me as a middle of the road R&B kind of sound. The singer (Thomas Mars) couldn't really shine and nothing stuck out for me at all. Then, I put on Wolfgang Amadeus. This was more like what I was looking for. Plenty of tight beats and some neat guitar. Its really great high energy music and Thomas really felt more like he was in his element. A few songs I'd reccommend: 1901, Long Distance Call, and Liztomania.

Also would like to give a shoutout to a great blog I've recently read which is quite similar to mine: Sixeyes Music Blog props!


  André Vinicius

26 June, 2009 15:44

It's Portuguese, actually. I'm from Brazil.
What song are u talking about?