This is in no way a reflection of my musical taste

It's a shame this is my first posting and it's not even really about good music I've heard lately, but I feel it still warrants some discussion. For those of you who haven't heard of this guy Mark Gormley, here's his music video for a song of his called "Without You":

Okay, so you can prob tell as soon as the song starts, this is not what you would call a musical masterpiece, but I give the guy props for putting his stuff out there. What I find so astonishing is the comments section of the video, it's filled with all sorts of positive comments and praise of Gormley's "talent". It's as if the entire youtube community just decided to post sarcastic comments on this video.


  Fatal Wounds aka The Blunt

12 June, 2009 23:19

Mark Gormley is a legend in the flesh.